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About us

The website kapuhalo.hu is operated by Kötéltechnika Kft. This company is the market leader in the field of safety nets and sports mesh fabrication in Hungary. We are Hungarian manufacturers; our products are made in Hungary with European quality standards. We produce according to standard and special sizes, too. The ordered products – if they are in stock – can be shipped by the next day by a delivery company. Our philosophy is to combine the old and the new: Kötéltechnika Kft. is characterized by 21th century attitude towards traditional products.

In the domestic market, we have way more stockpiles and production capacity than our competitors. The number and capacity of the company's employees is constantly increasing. Kötéltechnika Kft. is an ISO 9001 certified company, we work according to European standards. Beside conquering the Hungarian market, in 2013 we have started to expand our business regionally, thus we have already entered the markets of neighboring countries, too.

We believe that efficiency, the highest standards of customer service and being fond of our profession make us successful, and we are well aware that there is no pardon in this field of business, because our clients expect excellent and flawless work from us.

The mission of Kötéltechnika Kft. is to make high-quality, custom and standard ropes and nets for its customers to provide not just safety, comfort, and entertainment, but also an aesthetic experience.

In Hungary, Kötéltechnika Kft. has a unique capacity and technology in the field of net production. One of our business’ most promising segments is the production of cordons and decorative ropes including their accessories, too. Besides the ropes and nets, we also distribute risers, roll straps, cargo guarding belts, and webbings. Moreover, thank to a brand new technology, we are also able to produce mesh belts.

Kötéltechnika Kft. is proud that its products arrive to its plant as yarns, and leave its store as finished products, for example as football nets or cordon ropes. We strive for the most rational use of materials, and for reaching the greatest added value. It is our goal to cover most part of the value chain making our organization operate more efficiently.

We maintain personal contact with our clients, flexibility is very important for us. Upon request, we are also available for professional advice. We communicate daily with our customers electronically, this is how we minimize the costs related to administration and protect our environment. E-mails will be answered within 24 hours! We are well-known for our short delivery time. We guarantee free shipping within Budapest, and we ship to other locations at a really great price. The available products are delivered the next day all over the country, and to the neighboring countries we deliver with a short delivery deadline.

We are committed to our clients and quality. Our policy is to provide our customers with a service that we would also request to be provided with.

We are proud that the manager-owner of our company in 2012 won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. This acknowledgement confirmed us that it is worth doing business in Hungary, and it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur.

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